Friday, January 24, 2014

Create a Stylish Collage of Your Photos and Share it on Facebook.

You might have so many photos of various occasions in your computer disks or in cell phone but probably have no ideas about how to show them in an attractive way.  One of the best way is to create a collage of your photos and share it online or in your Facebook. You may find so many collage making software if you Google it but one of the best software is Picture Collage Maker.

Picture Collage Maker comes with lots of attractive templates that make creating collages of your photos incredibly easy, including ones for various events like Graduation, Christmas, Easter, Thanks Giving, Wedding and Birthdays, but more can be created easily by customizing the templates. Once you finished making collage of your photos, you have options to save it, create a PDF document, email it or share it on your Facebook. Whatever you choose to do, it's extremely easy with Picture Collage Maker.

This tutorial will show you how to create a stylish collage of your photos using Picture Collage Maker and share it on Facebook.

Download and Install the software
If the software is already not installed on your PC or other devices of your choice, you can download it from It's available for Windows, MAC, and iOS; choose the platform of your need and download it. After downloading the software, install it on your PC or in other devices if you have downloaded for other platforms. In this tutorial, we have used the Windows version of Picture Collage Maker Pro 4.0.5, which is the latest version till this date.

Choose a template
After installation of the software when you run it, you will be greeted with Create New Collage Page box with options to choose from Create Blank Collage, Create from Template, Template Collage Wizard, and Grid Collage Wizard. Whatever the option you choose here, it can be customized later.

Click on Create from Template to get started from available templates. Select a category on the left and then choose a template.

Add some photos
The template is displayed on the screen with empty spaces for the photos. Use the navigation pane at the left-side and click on Photo and locate the folder of photos stored in your PC. To add photos on the template, select a location on the template where you want to add the photo and double click on the photo or simply drag and drop the photos at the place where you want to add it on the template.

 Customize the design
Template graphics and borders can be modified and effects can be applied. Select a photo and you will see Rotate and Crop buttons, filters and controls for adjusting the border width and color. There are lots you can do like you can add some texts and calendar. You can add clipart, frame, shapes and many more.

Save the collage
Click on Share button at the top to view the ways in which the collage can be saved. Select Save collage as Picture to save it in JPG format.

Share the collage on Facebook
After saving a collage you'll see an option to share it on Facebook. Click on Share on Facebook, the first time a collage is shared, you must sign into your Facebook and authorize the app, and then you can simply add a comment and post it on your Facebook.

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