Thursday, March 8, 2012

Camera Stabilizers: Videography Basics: Beyond Taking Good Footage

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So, you feel that your picture taking capabilities are much improved after you have gotten to know your equipment better. You have checked out your camcorder or digital camera's features and tried it out on its own and you have also shot using a camera stabilizer, the balancing of which, you took the time to actually understand and maybe even master. You probably even got the chance to compare the numerous merits of the two.

By now, you also most likely have arrived at the conclusion that the sample comparison footages that all the websites across the Internet have been showing are authentic; that video shot with a properly set up camera stabilizer truly has that smooth, clear, fluid output similar to that of professionally shot video clip.

It is one thing to have great looking moving images, but what about the sound that accompanies it? Did you ever think about the audio source of your film or video? Whether you are shooting an actual movie or your kid's piano recital or soccer game, it is something to look into. Imagine yourself shooting a documentary and need to conduct an interview; you have to take into account whether your microphone can pick up the sound of your interviewee's voice sufficiently within the background noise of your location.

As for shooting at a children's sporting event, or where there are other parents or relations who are probably doing the same thing, it would be best to look for a good position, not too close to others. First of all, it would ensure that you will not cross cameras with other parents also trying to capture the event; second, you might be able to find a more quieter area; and third, you might want a space where you will have a little room to move your camera is set up on a camera stabilizer after all, so you might as well take advantage of it and take better moving, trailing shots.

Due to your video camera's audio capability, it can pick up what you say as well; so, always keep this in mind if you are shooting video for the viewing pleasure of the entire family before you get a chance to edit or view it yourself. Even if you are sure about your own language and conduct, sometimes there are other adults in the background who might not be as kid-friendly.

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